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Your business can survive and we can help!

Business Debt Resolution 

  • Most Business Debt qualifies 

  • We are Merchant Cash Loan specialists

  • No borrowing, uses affordable budget and realistic plan

  • Buys you time, saves money and your business*

  • Delivering trusted and proven results since 1998

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No Business Debt / Corporate Turnaround

About Us

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As entrepreneurs we share a common trait, optimism. While that is necessary in conquering life and business opportunities and challenges, it often falls short of fixing real problems. What does is action.


Did you know that 1 in 5 businesses fail, many due to financial constraints?

The poet Robert Frost wrote, “the only way out is through”. In dealing with specific problems such as business debt due to lack of cash flow, diminishing profits or past due loans, simply not answering collection calls or burying the outstanding bills on your desk will never get you out.

For nearly twenty five years, we have perfected processes to reduce business debt and the balances owed and allow you more time or even eliminate debt so you can look forward to the day with No Business Debt!

To help survive business debt issues, we offer:

  • An affordable budget

  • A realistic plan

  • Trusted and proven services since 1998


Don’t despair, because as fellow optimists and those who have gone “through it”, we promise you there is a way out. Take appropriate action today and trust your optimistic side, we are here to help with proven business debt solutions and people with decades of experience who do the heavy lifting. We have relieved the burden of millions of dollars of business debt for owners just like you.


Request a call today or simply fill out this form below. Act today and we will get through this together.


Your Business is NOT alone!

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Why Hire a Business Debt Restructuring Company?

No Business Debt © and partners offers a distressed business centric group of services to help smaller businesses succeed. It begins with an analysis of your businesses unique financial condition. We implement only the most efficient and appropriate solutions depending on your business and debt situation.

No Business Debt © and partners, have helped thousands of closely held companies resolve business debt issues since 1998.


Business owners engage our help in cases like these:

  • A desire to pay their creditors, however, can't afford what they're demanding

  • Attempts to negotiate debt on their own failed

  • Unable to borrow or refinance

  • Temporary or long-term cash flow concerns

  • Losing time attending to their business to deal with business debts

  • Prefer if payment terms were stretched out over time

  • Seeking to avoid business bankruptcy

Types of Business Debt 

Does your Business have:

  • Past due payables

  • Vendor bills or disputes

  • Merchant Cash Lenders

  • Business credit cards

  • High balance or high interest business loans (including SBA)

  • Lawsuits, judgments, liens

  • Leased equipment

*We can help resolve these types of business issues and more.

Proven business debt help

Wondering what business debt restructuring can do for your business?

We can increase the opportunity to survive the worst of cash flow issues!

Suffering hardships from lost revenue, supply chain issues to natural disasters can and will jeopardize a business. You have already taken the first step in educating your choices to save your company. Like most, you want to pay your creditors, but simply can’t right now. Before considering closure of bankruptcy understand your options.

Business Debt Restructuring has many benefits:

We will help increase your cash flow:
Short-term debt can be converted into a manageable long term plan.

We will do the heavy lifting:
From day one, we begin to deal with creditors, collection agencies and attorneys so you can get back to doing what's important, creating revenue, not hiding.

Save you unnecessary legal fees:
Business Debts can be settled without the need for attorneys.

Address resolution with a fixed and affordable payment structure:

Monthly plan payments are set to fit your unique circumstances and timelines.


We understand being in a hole with debt is ominous, however if you want to pay your creditors but can't establish affordable settlement terms, our program is ideal for you. We are not lenders, nor is collateral necessary, and we don't even have to check your credit.

If more than 30% of your payables are over 90 days old, you are taking chances with the future of your company unless you have a realistic plan to satisfy your creditors. Without a practical and affordable plan your company can sink deeper into debt, and it may only be a matter of time before creditors seize your assets and put you out of business.

Statistically the SBA reports that approximately 45,000 businesses a month close their doors or file business bankruptcy. Many of these companies didn't have a solid and proven plan to get out of debt and relied on optimism alone. The positive to this, is that the moment you turn your problem debts over to us, your business debt problem is under control.

Our Services

We can help your business survive!

Know your options
  • Struggle with business debt issues yourself

  • Hire an Attorney

  • File for Bankruptcy

  • Hire us to resolve your business debts

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